In the Works…

Right now I am working on a few projects at the same time! Not exactly multi-tasking, more like switching back and forth in order to gain perspective with time away from them while still being productive.

The project on ice right now is “The Wayward Wife”; a story about a married woman who steps out on her husband and family with disastrous results and in the end has to decide exactly what and who it is she really wants.

The project I am actively working on is “As Luck Would Have It”. This story is about an upwardly mobile woman who has limited choices in her dating pool. She falls for a mail room employee who is much more than he seems, while being pursued by a God fearing man with his own set of drama. It all comes to a head when she finds out she’s pregnant and has no one to turn to, but God.

The other projects in the works are a story of a group of teen girls in the heart of Harlem in the 1980s and 90s and a fictionalized history of the matriarchs of my family and their struggle from slavery and sharecropping in the South, to a self-made seamstress in Harlem at the height of the 1960s.


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