Wednesday Word – Diction in Action

Words matter. The words your characters say, dictate the tone and mood of your story adding layers and subtle nuances to it.

Don’t let diction die the death of this shorthand world.

Everything gets shortened now, from the url I’m writing this post on, to the “LOL” we see daily on our social media websites. Long gone are the days when people wrote letters or even emails that contain the breadth and width of all the English language can offer us. I have a book of love letters from African American couples dating back to the 18th century and the language they used was poetic!

One of my friends said that she introduces a new word to her daughter a week and makes her understand it thoroughly and use it well before they move on to another.

We are going to do that here… Now, it may seem trite or even juvenile to some of you, but I say even if you know this word:

Have you used it lately?

Do you know how the subtlety of its use can impact your writing or even your speech?

Well, here goes everything:

The word for today is – interminable.

It means, being or seeming to be without end; endless.

I read this word in A Love No Less: Two Centuries of African American Love Letters. Can you imagine how its use added to the tone and texture of the reading?!

I want you to suggest any other words you think may elevate our writing, our speech, or dare I say, our mental capabilities.

Every Wednesday I’ll post another and perhaps I’ll use your suggestions!



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