The Wednesday Word {The Quest for the Perfect Word}

I love words…

I think that’s clear as a poet and writer, but also as someone who loves to talk and sound intelligent (as well as being a nerd).

That being said, words are sometimes insufficient to what your heart and mind want to express. Well, that is unless you find the perfect word.

The perfect word in my opinion is not one that only fits the meaning of what you want to convey but also the flavor and depth along with the inflection and tone. When you say (or read) a word, it’s impact is important!

In my Slam Poetry club today, we talked about this very thing… As well as the fact that if you know more words, the less you have to curse and the more impact your words can have. Any one can curse, but not everyone knows how to use the word blithe in a way that makes the person who receives that word think about it long after you’re gone.


1 : Of a happy lighthearted character or disposition
2 : Lacking due thought or consideration, casual, heedless

She showed blithe reckless behavior when pulling into traffic.
His blithe attitude belied his murderous rage.


Olde English
First known use was before the 12th century

Merriam Webster Dictionary


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