The Monday Minute {The Missing Wednesday Word}

Last week I got in so late from bible study, the bed was all that was on my mind when I arrived home and the day at work was too busy to post! So, here we are, on a Monday, posting The Wednesday Word in lieu of The Monday Minute.

I didn’t make it to the last CCW meeting, and although my work did 😉so I cannot say there is anything new to report on the dynamics of writers’ groups and critiques – except to say, it’s great when more than the group coordinator reach out and comment personally on your work!

Today’s word is:

Not yielding in strength, severity, or determination: “the heat was unrelenting”.
(of a person or their behavior) Not giving way to kindness or compassion.
inexorable – relentless – merciless – implacable

I love that this word can be used to describe so many different parts of your writing! It can be a character trait or it can be a description of the weather which affects the setting and mood!

Use it! Go forth unrelentingly and put this word to good use!

The Write Way Faye


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