The Monday Minute {Life in Critique}

This weekend I attended another CCW {Charm City Writers} critique meeting and to my abject horror – I submitted part of a chapter from As Luck Would Have It © that had not even been edited! OH THE HORROR! The formatting was off completely and the entire chapter was mostly dialogue!

Well. At least they loved the dialog! LOL!

I need to add more narrative and insight into the main character’s voice in this chapter so I am going to work on that ASAP.

In other news, one of my cohort was picked up by an agent! She sent out the rest of her book last week and is on needles and pins waiting to hear back from her new agent…

I thought that was a reason for celebration, but she was more afraid than anything else, poor girl! I understand, but I know that if God is going to take me to a place, He is going to see me through to the completion of the goal!

I realized this week in the meeting that I am in great company with the writers we have assembled in our group; one writes memoirs – Barbara, one writes paranormal – Roslyn, one writes dystopian – Andy, another writes teen – Val, another writes straight fiction – Faith, and I write women’s fiction, and three of the six have been published by a major house or is on their way to being so!

I say the odds are in my favor!

I have to get to my revising and redrafting so…

Talk to you soon!


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