The Monday Minute {Life in Critique}

Last week, I attended my Charm City Writers critique group and learned a few things about writers, writing and how solitary this life can be for a writer writing a manuscript.

We had a guest with us who wanted to be part of the group, but had never shared her work with anyone.

I mean anyone. Not even her husband; her mother hadn’t had a peek.

My perspective as a writer is the opposite, but I may be weird in the way that I want feedback; I want to know that someone else sees what I see and feels what I feel when they do.

But enough about me being an exhibitionist or feeling like one after all of the other writers chimed in with similar stories, what I really learned was that many people feel as if they don’t want other people to judge their work and in doing so judge them.

I also re-learned what I already know.

You have to write to be a writer.


Without fail.

Write something.

Even if you keep it to yourself.

#WriteTheRightWay – Daily!


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