The Book is DONE! {Now What?}

Okay so… The book, The Wayward Wife, is complete. It was a grueling 4 year journey from beginning to end and I am so thankful to God that it’s done!

The question becomes – What now?

After the countless hours of writing and re-writing and editing and re-writing again, what do I do with the manuscript?

I always had this dream of being published. A beautifully bound hard cover depicting my masterpiece’s innermost mystery obscurely on the cover…. But alas, I think my dream has changed shape and shifted into another format entirely.

The E-Book.

It’s everywhere. It’s easily accessible and can be linked in every communication. It’s fresh exciting and I can promote it myself!

Or can I?

Can I devote the hours a day to promote and push my idea come to life?

Can I spend the time, energy and yes – gasp! The money, to see my dream come true?

Well, I better be ready to, because the profit margin is a better bet and although I would love to have the brick and mortar support in the publishing world, I don’t want to pay their fees. 10% royalty vs. 65-80% royalty? That is a no-brainer, and I have a brain!

I guess I answered my own questions. The next step is what is the next step?

What do you think?


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