Tangerine Blues

Tangerine Blues

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This is a poetry book of love, life and the pain and beauty they both hold. Sectioned in three parts that correspond to the eating of ripe fruit, the first collection, titled Tart and Tainted, is like biting into a plum that looks ripe but is tart and sour to your tongue. The love has gone wrong and no one is right in this collection, but the poetry is crisp and rolls out the pain beautifully. The second collection is Scintillatingly Sweet! It’s when the love is good and lovers are on one accord mentally, physically and emotionally. The third collection is called The Flesh and The Skin as it is where the author reveals personal issues dear to them and touches on societal issues that have been witnessed or experienced. It is the fruit of life in its entirety and explores it all, as does the entire collection.


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