{The Monday Minute} Preparing for Critique

I’d love to be able to say that I love being critiqued.


I’d be lying.

I love the lessons that critique brings and the way steel sharpens steel in a room full of peers who love words as much as you.

It can be painful. The process of cutting and changing and moving your thoughts around, may sometimes leave you wondering if what you have done to your original idea is really true to your own vision or if you’ve been co-opted.

Trusting someone to understand your perspective, topic and your newborn ideas is akin to letting someone you know in passing hold your newborn child. Difficult.

So maybe, I’ll say I love the outcome more than the process, which is a lot like life. We love to be thin, but hate working out and salad is boring. I love for my words to woo your mind and slice your heart to ribbons, but I hate revising and editing sucks.

But, we do it anyway.

Stay writing,
The Write Way Faye


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