{Talk About It Tuesday} MLK Edition


In lieu of the Monday Minute, we’re going to Talk About It Tuesday. Yesterday was MLK Day and I’d like to know how you spent your day!

I read an article and shared it with my daughter to have an in-depth conversation about his legacy. This was my take away:

The article I read on what Martin Luther King did for this country, taught me that what he did wasn’t for this country. It was for us. African Americans. He taught us how to take a beating and keep on living. How to survive the berserk behavior of the Southern whites. How to face the lunch counter and the voters’ booth and the water fountains, the dogs and water hoses of our fears and to realize that they couldn’t break us all. They couldn’t kill us all. They couldn’t jail us all. And if we stick together they would have to change. Change how they dealt with us. Change how they looked at us. Change what they think of us. I say he achieved his purpose if not his dream. He gave us freedom from those fears. And for that, I honor him.

Tell me how you remembered MLK on this holiday! Many people did service to their communities! What did you do?

~The Write Way Faye


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