{The Thursday Thought} The Biz Side of Writing

Many people think that artistic people aren’t really great at the business side of their lives and I can’t tell I lie. I can be fastidious, but I can also be haphazard. Depends on the day and the circumstances, which page I’m on.

This sucks for being a business minded writer in this day and age. Tax time is coming and I published a book I worked really hard on last year as well as completed another one that has yet to be published. What am I supposed to do about filing?

I have two business names trademarked and an LLC in my name, so I must have had some fastidious days! But alas, in talking to a friend at work today, it seems I left some things out in my process. I still need to actually create a business plan! To write books??? That’s the only plan I have!

Well, I actually have more than one business and unfortunately, I have to create a business plan for them both. And I also have to create the articles of incorporation for my LLC…

I’m up for it this time around. I need to be on top of my life and aware of what needs to be done on all levels not just the artistic side. I’m just glad I have friends who are a little more business minded than I am.



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