{Friday Fun-day} Happy (?) Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Love is something to celebrate.

If you’re in love that is.

Many are not as we embark on this Love Fest today, but I want them to know, if no one else loves you – I do.

In that, “You’re cool,” kinda way. 😉

Many where I am are snowed in and trying to make it to their loved ones or have been snowed in with them for the past few days (we’ve been hit hard with snow lately…). Either way, I wish you luck with that. Being snowed in is special, the first 48 hours, after that – it can get a little dicey.

If you have to tackle 3 feet of snow and wretched road conditions to reach your beloved, coupled with the fact that the malls were closed two days prior to the big day…

Valentine’s Day may just be postponed.

This, while it may seem egregious at the moment, it may be a great thing! After all, all of the Valentine’s Day merchandise will 80% off tomorrow!

Love will prevail!

Hugs and 😘
The Write Way Faye

P.S. Stay warm out there. This is great cuddle weather!


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