{Read an EBook Week} Just in Time for Women’s History Month!

For the next 5 days, including today…

From March 4th-March 8th…

My book, Tangerine Blues is FrEe!

Sunset on Pain

Click Pic to Go to Website!

Yes! I said, IT’S FREEEEE!

So march forth (pun intended) to Smashwords and put in the coupon code: UM88Y

This is in right in time for Women’s History month because this book represents a part of my herstory. My life is in these pages in different ways and it’s a culmination of 15 years of writings and poetry that I have held in and then spilled into this e-book like the birthing waters of a set of quints! [graphic right?] 

Anywho, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I had writing it. It will make you cry, laugh, high-five your mamma and tell your little sister about life…

That’s what it did when I was writing it anyway…


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