THIS WEEKEND’S PICK: Ladies Verse 14 — Fearless

This is a show that I used to be a part of for a few cycles… Women, poetry, skits all in a theme based artistic affair worth attending!



by Petula Caesar

This weekend’s pick has become something of a tradition in the arts/entertainment/culture scene in Baltimore. There are very few events that can say they have been in existence for over a decade and have consistently continued to attract sold-out crowds. There are very few events that can say they feature a collective of multi-talented women whose talents range across every type of performance art imaginable. But “Ladies Verse”, the  extravaganza honoring International Women’s History Month and the brainchild of creative visionary Olu Butterfly  can claim all those things and more.

olu pic

Ladies Verse happens this Sunday, March 16th. It is 14 years old, and it is also “Fearless” – which is this year’s theme.  As always, each woman on the bill is amazing in her own right, and to see any one of them solo would be a treat. But to see all of them in…

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