{Perfect Pitch} Fun Friday!

Furiously preparing for my Practice Pitch tomorrow at the Maryland Writers’ Conference, I am so stoked to be sitting down with Jessica Sinsheimer an agent with Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency! She seems amazing and really down to earth. Well, from what I can tell of her Twitter feed and posts on various other websites. (Stalk much? Not really…) 

Any who, this will be the first time I am even in the room with an agent of any sort and there will be tons of them at this conference! I am super excited because one of my new friends, Ernessa T. Carter, the writer of 32 Candles, is someone Jessica pulled out of the slush pile!

Talk about serendipity…

Well, here’s a look at my hook for The Wayward Wife:

When the head Deacon’s wife has more skeletons and secrets than those coming to get salvation early Sunday morning, dreams are shattered and unhealed wounds begin to ooze all over their perfect lives. © T.S. Wallace

I can’t wait to talk to her about it and get some awesome feedback. She’s been on twitter posting some really lame, really short, query letters and I am glad to say mine isn’t short…

Let’s just hope she thinks its something either she can work with or that someone out there in agent land will want to take on!


Happy Writing!

The Write Way Faye


4 thoughts on “{Perfect Pitch} Fun Friday!

    • Thanks! I’m still a little sensitive. Growing my thick writer’s skin. She gave me some good advice so I’m going to implement it and submit elsewhere. She’s super nice! She shared candy!!

      • Haha, good for her giving out the universal happy-hello. Developing a think skin is soooo hard. At least you were brave enough to meet with her! Good luck with your other submissions!

      • Yeah. That thick skin business is treacherous! Lol. Thanks! I’m going to start sending out more at the end of June!

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