QUERY TIME! {Agent Search & Critique Conundrums}

Hey Writer,

The Wayward Wife is now done and I am in the process of having my query critiqued by industry guru Anita Mumm and Mumm’s the Word! She is such a wonderful woman and has been extremely helpful in her critique of letter. I am actually considering having her critique my first 3 chapters as well so when I get an agent to ask for my work I am totally confident in what I send.

I took the time to look at a few of the books I love the most and the books that are similar to my style to find an agent. How? Well, my good friend Sheri Booker, told me to peruse the acknowledgements of those authors and glean the names of their agents! Such a great & illustrious friend! {Go buy and read her memoir – 9 Years Under… You won’t regret it!}

Although I must add, my writer’s group, Charm City Writers, does a great job with novel critique. The thing is that it’s only 15 pages at a time and this would be much more in one cohesive and continuous critique. I say that because my group only does 15 pages per month. Its great copy editing practice but for a whole novel… Well, you do the math. (I love words for a reason…)

Write ON!
The Write Way


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