Review, Being REVIEWED and then REVIEW AGAIN {Finding Errors and the Updating Process}

Hey Writers and Readers!

The key word for today is review.

On Reviewing Your Proof

Review your work thoroughly before you hit that submit button.

You are looking at me like, “Tell me something I don’t know, Faye.” Don’t look at me with that tone of voice!

No matter how many eyes have seen the piece. No matter how pretty the book looks in your hand… Or how it fits perfectly weighted in your palm. MAN! If the book has typos, none of it will matter! I mean, of course it will matter, but not as much, because the outside prettiness must match the professional editing on the inside pages of the book. Especially as a one woman, one stop and shop, new publisher and author!

And yes you will have missed something, so please review that proof not once, but twice!

On Being Reviewed

I am so grateful for the grace extended to my by my initial reviewers! They both gave me 5 STARS and rave reviews on and I have several other reviews on my website as well, but when I looked at the book proof myself completely, I was aghast! I found several mistakes. One was that I forgot that I changed one of the minor character’s name mid way through the book and never changed the initial name (he never even speaks, but is mentioned as a catalyst several times). Then there were a few additional words left dangling after the editing chop and slice process that needed to be cut. I cut those hanging words loose, then I had to update my webpage because when I submitted my press release to a local paper, The Baltimore Times, I included hyperlinks to my free WIX website that displayed what I wanted my website to be: But of course when they printed it and put it on their website it wasn’t the correct website listed, only what I wanted it to be soon. Well, soon – became immediately, because I had to go and get that website up! Everybody and their momma was asking about that feature in the Baltimore Times and I just had to make sure they could find me when they went and read about the book!

God’s grace was with me though, because I was able get the website set up and connected to WIX in less than an hour and all for under $6! How did I do that? GoDaddy had a $1 sale going on and to upgrade my WIX site was 4.90 + tax… BOOM!

Website DONE!

Updating with KDP and Amazon CreateSpace

The updating process was a little annoying with these outlets only because with Kindle the previous purchasers don’t automatically get the updates. They claim that they don’t allow it unless you do major changes, which fortunately I didn’t. It makes me feel bad that I sold a product that was a little slightly defective, but I think of it like this… You got a look at the developing me and you still were able to walk away with the message of the text!

To assuage their loss and appease my readership, I am going to offer the book for free on Kindle for a period of the two (2) days leading up to my book launch in June! Look out for the announcement coming on June 1, which is the first date available to me for a promotion. You have to have been listed for at least 30 days before you can run a promo with KDP.

The Book Launch Party with Ellen Gee of The Divas’ Dish is coming on June 3rd! Click the link for tickets! Ellen Gee is a local promoter and host of the Purple Honey Concert and Comedy Series and one of the creative minds behind The Divas’ Dish Radio show where they dish on issues that concern women.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Write on!
The Write Way Faye


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