Working with Reluctant Clients

As a perpetual people watcher, I love working with people. Watching what they do and how they react to certain things is fascinating to me. That being said, when I worked with a client recently on their web page conceptualization and was met with so much resistance to change, I was puzzled. I have been hearing, reading and getting affirmation on the principles of vision and mission when it comes to your purpose and your business life and this latest interaction was no exception.

The vision and mission was not what my client wanted to work from for her webpage to my surprise and to her chagrin; she was extremely stressed with a few other projects that have not been completed and really wanted to finish something. But the thing is, in some cases you have to “begin with the end in mind…” as my friend (in my head) Stephen Covey says in his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and is so true in application.

She didn’t know what she wanted the end product to look like and she wasn’t sure of having all the components to what she felt sure she did want changed. I learned to let the client lead in this case and just followed her train of thought trying to reflect back to her what I understood her to be saying and get clarity on the situation.

Unfortunately, we were unable to continue working on her web page but we did flesh out what needs to be done in order for us to continue and that is for her to focus on her vision in a way anyway – for her to ask herself exactly what she wants to portray to her clients and what she wants me to do. This way, I know the questions to ask to illicit the responses I need to move forward with her work.

Watch the signs people… What you learn is always there for you to use and sometimes immediately!