Book Re-Launch HELP! {Seminar with Jesse Krieger and The Happy Black Woman}

Hey there Readers and Writers!

I know I have been largely absent, my apologies! I have been so wrapped up in launching and being on the radio I haven’t been paying attention to blogging and keeping in touch with you all!

Well, I am going to catch you up in due time (next post) but today I wanted to share some info that I received today to re-launch my book as well as a blueprint to launch my future endeavors and to garner new clientele for my other businesses by way of leads. But let me not get ahead of myself.

I subscribe to Rosetta Thurman’s blog posts and love her entries about her travels and location independent lifestyle! She sent me an email about a FREE Book Launch Seminar with Jesse Krieger and although I had no idea who that was, and still don’t, I know he has made some bestsellers happen and that made me pay attention.

Jesse offered 4 Steps to the tune of the acronym:
I – Ignite
D – Develop
E – Execute
A – Accelerate

Each of these had their own set of instructions and ways to set yourself up for success and I will share one today and the others in subsequent posts in the coming weeks.

1. Hire an editor
This is important because it’s really the only way to catch all of your typos and grammar mistakes. Trust me I know this for sure… He offered a resource called where you can hire an editor for both line and copy editing with prices ranging from $125 – $350, which I will investigate and get back to you about later.

2. Hire a cover designer
This is what I already have covered with Fivver. Jesse offered an alternative with 99Designs,com. This service is where you basically solicit the services from the designers registered with the price you will pay for the winning design. They continue to vie for you to choose their design. The one thing I love about this is that there is a way for you to share the design with your readers (that’s you!) for them to help you choose a design with polls!

The great part about this segment of the seminar was that he explained how to choose your design! One of his suggestions was ingenious; go to the airport and look at the book shelves there. Why is that so ingenious? Because there’s an intersection of demographics, which makes it a hub for your book market. Go to the section where your book would be and take a picture! Use that picture to assist in your cover design process. The other things he suggested were run of the mill: big bold title, illustrative picture with your name large but not as big as title.

3. Hire an interior layout designer
I already have that covered with my good friend (in my head) Joel Freidlander and his ingenious layouts that I use and will tell you more about later. Jesse on the other hand, suggested again where they would charge and excess of $100-$250 for an interior design for a ready to publish interior file.

He hit home with the question – What’s at stake?

Your entire brand and your credibility as an author and entrepreneur. Losing that credibility is hard and will be harder to regain!

Hope this info was helpful!

I will be back next week with more from this seminar and information about Joel Freidlander!

Till next time,
Write on Writers!


The Write Way Publishing House {I’m a Business, Man}

Okay so last we talked about book business, it was established that it can be dicey and that the rules were set up to make it difficult to self-publish. Or… at least that what I set out to establish in my post {It’s a Business, Man, but am I?} 

Any who, it seems like I just may be! I may as well put this Business Degree to use, right? Yes, I have a Business Management BA with a minor in Communications from Notre Dame University. Being employed as a teacher since I received, it I can’t say I have used it much, but I have decided that it is time to put all of my skills to use!

My publishing house, The Write Way, was registered under my LLC a couple of years ago, but I was too busy doing other things (mainly… WRITING A BOOK OR TWO) to really be bothered with the research it would take to get it established as a the publishing house I would call home to my books, nor was I interested so much in that. I thought I would do editing and consulting initially while I wrote novels. I also wanted to pursue the elusive dream of being published by a BIG 6 publishing house, so I sat my dream on the shelf. Little did I know, it wasn’t sitting still.

I sat my desk writing recently and looked up at my vision board. It was glaring at me. WEALTH, The Write Way. In the upper left hand corner of the board; those words were glued to a picture of a stack of books and a picture of what I considered to be myself on a plane looking very professional. It hit me. This is what I want. It’s not like I didn’t create the board to begin with, but to really see what was right in front of me the whole time – was staggering. The thing is, those words meant different things initially. The books had always been there, but the way of achieving the dreams the board showed were manifesting in another way entirely. Look at God! Write the vision, make it plain.

I am now a registered independent publisher registered with the Library of Congress.

The Write Way Publishing House


Write on,
Tanefa Wallace
The Write Way

Copyrights and Barcodes {It’s a Business Man, but Am I?}

Hey writers!

I am filling out copyright information and investigating the ISBN and barcode shakedown. And, I do mean shake down!

I mean, it’s $125 for one ISBN and $295 for 10! C’mon man. That’s unfair in terms of a self-publisher who only has need for 3-5 ISBNs. Then you find out that the barcodes are $25 a piece. Really? They don’t come with the daggone barcode? Of course you have to buy them separately. Why would they give them to you with the astronomically priced ISBNs when they know you have to buy them in order to be in the Barnes & Noble?

It all had me briefly wondering if it would be easier to go with someone half-cocked publishing company who purchases them by the thousands for a penny a piece and would bundle it all up for me and tie it with a pretty pink bow.

I like pink.

I like bows.

I like uncomplicated and inexpensive too.

What do you like?

How are you getting your work out there? Are you going with the CreateSpace option and opting in for them to do all of this heavy lifting for you? Smashwords style? (Been there, done that…) What about self-publishing and handing the hard labor (aka the business side of it all) to small imprint?

I would really like to know what you are doing or thinking of doing or even just what would you like?

Write more,
The Write Way Faye

{The Thursday Thought} The Biz Side of Writing

Many people think that artistic people aren’t really great at the business side of their lives and I can’t tell I lie. I can be fastidious, but I can also be haphazard. Depends on the day and the circumstances, which page I’m on.

This sucks for being a business minded writer in this day and age. Tax time is coming and I published a book I worked really hard on last year as well as completed another one that has yet to be published. What am I supposed to do about filing?

I have two business names trademarked and an LLC in my name, so I must have had some fastidious days! But alas, in talking to a friend at work today, it seems I left some things out in my process. I still need to actually create a business plan! To write books??? That’s the only plan I have!

Well, I actually have more than one business and unfortunately, I have to create a business plan for them both. And I also have to create the articles of incorporation for my LLC…

I’m up for it this time around. I need to be on top of my life and aware of what needs to be done on all levels not just the artistic side. I’m just glad I have friends who are a little more business minded than I am.


The Thursday Thought {Getting Write Ready}

I haven’t been writing. I need to. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that things have been taking on a life of their own in reference to my responsibilities and my alone time to write has been gobbled up.

I have to make a on oath to myself to write daily. Whether it’s on a blog or in a novel. No matter if the world is falling apart, I need to write like my life depends on it, because in reality, it does.

Does yours? Do you feel like something is missing when you don’t write? I realized, that just like with anything else, if you stop doing it consistently it becomes easier and easier to stop doing it at all and I don’t want that to happen with my writing talent.

Use it or lose it.


The Monday Minute {Life in Critique}

Last week, I attended my Charm City Writers critique group and learned a few things about writers, writing and how solitary this life can be for a writer writing a manuscript.

We had a guest with us who wanted to be part of the group, but had never shared her work with anyone.

I mean anyone. Not even her husband; her mother hadn’t had a peek.

My perspective as a writer is the opposite, but I may be weird in the way that I want feedback; I want to know that someone else sees what I see and feels what I feel when they do.

But enough about me being an exhibitionist or feeling like one after all of the other writers chimed in with similar stories, what I really learned was that many people feel as if they don’t want other people to judge their work and in doing so judge them.

I also re-learned what I already know.

You have to write to be a writer.


Without fail.

Write something.

Even if you keep it to yourself.

#WriteTheRightWay – Daily!

The Wednesday Word {I Will Post This On Time! Soon…}




a profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion.

a journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.

I love this word because of the depth of it despite how small it is in terms of length. I think that at one point or another we have all been on this path and I am at this moment.

I know that I have been late with the Wednesday Word, but being in the midst of metanoia will take you off of the beaten path and onto a journey into the unknown.