The Wayward Wife is Available on Amazon!

The Wayward Wife

About a week ago, I released The Wayward Wife on, (click the picture/link to purchase & read reviews) using their free publishing programs CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing as the distributers under my own publishing company, The Write Way Publishing.

It was was an exhilarating experience to see my vision come to live so explicitly and clear!

After the high wore off, what occurred to me is that although I have been very thorough in my writing the book and setting up The Write Way Publishing, I have left the setting up of my marketing campaign to wither! This is the only way my book can get into your hands writers! So, I am going to take the time to actually sit down and write out what the plan is as well as calendar when I will promote.

I know you’re probably wondering why this wasn’t done before I released the book. So did I after it was done! I self-published because the publishing industry’s standardized book categories didn’t fit. My book has a heavy Christian influence, but The Wayward Wife (click for excerpt) also has explicit sex, a little violence, themes of molestation and its effects on the psyches of women and to top it all off – it’s written in a women’s fiction literary style.

There is no category for that.

So, I decide to publish on my own. I did a lot of research and leg work, but didn’t do the work I now know I have to do if I want to reach my target audience – market and promote.

Learn from my mistake! Plan ALL of the work, THEN work the plan. Now, I am going to have to do some backwards planning, but I know now and my NEXT book, As Luck Would Have It, will be planned executed appropriately.

Write on Writers!

The Write Way Faye 💋


The Monday Minute – Critiques in Absentia: A CCW Meeting Re-Cap

It’s very difficult when people critique your work that don’t understand or are not familiar with the genre.

Its difficulty is compounded when you are not present for said critique.

I was unable to attend my latest writer’s meeting because I was tied up with the kids, but had already sent my critiques and sent my own work in to be critiqued. This meant that my work would be read without my being present.

Big problem if the writers who read your work are not familiar with the genre. The genre I submitted this week was poetry and because it performance style/spoken word poetry, some of the writers were unable to comprehend the style or the cadence of the work.

It made me think about how you have to be careful who you send your work to for review, or even who you talk to about your life, as they may not understand the basis for what they reading or listening to in reference to you.

This is pertinent for me to recognize, because if you don’t recognize the fact that people are not in position to speak into your life, you may follow their advice, directions and yes – critiques and all along they are NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE about what they are talking about.

Thank God that many of my writer cohort are upfront about their lack of knowledge on the topic of performance poetry and the reading/critiquing of it. That way, I am able to weed out the comments that are not pertinent to what I am writing and take in the ones that may be of some assistance.

I would post the poems but I am entering one of them into a contest and they cannot be posted on a web page before hand.

Perhaps, I will post the two I am not sending once I make a decision!

Until then,
Write The Write Way