…Da-Da-Da-DAH! The Cover of The Wayward Wife {Fiverr ROCKS!}


Hey Writers and Friends!

First let’s get into this whole Fiverr situation! I am an artist and I am sensitive about my ish – E. Badu/FatBellyBella said it best and it is ever so true in the case of the cover completion! Couple that with a Graphic Designer who is overwhelmed and that adds up to 3 revisions!

Now, I realize that my GD was on the opposite coast early. He seemed to respond when I was about to go to bed! That clued me in to the fact that he also probably did this Fiverr work in his spare time after work. That was all good with me! Just keep that in mind when/if you order from Fiverr – your connection may not even be in America! Pay attention to who you book and where they are!

He was very understanding and assisted me in coming up with the best cover by linking me up to his source for pictures, Dollar Photo Club. It’s an amazing site where I saw some great shots to use for some other books I have in mind so check it out and join!

I am going to show the progression of the cover from his initial submission to the final that I am going to be using.

Take 1


I liked this but wanted a little more of a curvaceous, sexy title font so…

Take 2


This was still not exactly what I was looking for it just seemed to casual of a font to be the title in my opinion so…

Take 3 and the FINAL Cover for The Wayward Wife!


This one I absolutely loved… I just think it says all I want it to and draws the potential readers’ eyes!

Let me know what you think! Ask me any questions you may have about the Fiverr process and let me know your thoughts on the covers. Which one would you have chosen?

Write Life,
The Write Way Faye


Excited Beyond Words {Fiverr Cover in the Works}

Hey Write Way Writers,

I am getting my cover done today and it’s been all day with excitement building and of course, it’s late.

URRGGHHH! I know it’s going to be so hot I won’t be able to stand it, but I am freaking out over here!

Oh wait, you want to know where I am getting the cover created huh?

Okay… I am using…


I don’t know if you have ever used Fiverr before, but it’s a cheaper way to get things done. A lot of things… But let’s focus on Graphics and Design! The person I chose had a cover similar to what I was going for with The Wayward Wife so it was easy to choose.

Here are a couple of ways to select a great Fiverr creative:

  1. Check their ratings within Fiverr
    1. There is a rating system within the Fiverr hierarchy if you will.
      1. You will want both a Top Seller and Featured Creative if possible
      2. If not both, one will do
      3. There is also the level 2 Sellers who are trying to make a name for themselves in Fiverr universe, they may be hungry to get your job done well and quickly
  2. Read their reviews
    1. I cannot stress this enough READ THE REVIEWS!
      1. They will tell you about how the person communicates with their customers (canned responses suck!) and how quickly they work
      2. If they have a lot of reviews that will tell you that they are really a worker bee
  3. Converse with them directly about the project
    1. This was a caveat for me recently
      1. Speaking English is important to me
        1. It’s my first language and the one I write in, so it’s important to me that we are able to converse via Fiverr mail
      2. Do they understand the job?
        1. This goes to the first thing – Speaking English well.
      3. Can they actually DO the job!?
        1. No, really. Can they?

All of these things helped me tremendously in choosing the graphic designer I chose for my recent cover. Whenever I receive it, I will pleased I am sure.  It also clued me in on how jacked up my previous cover was. I mean hey, I am growing and learning! No judgement please!

Anyway, the wait on this project leads me to another thing about Fiverr that I like – If they are late, I can request my money back from Fiverr and cancel the job. I am being patient with this guy because I like his work and am willing to work with him because he stated he was having some issues with being extremely popular (another way I know he’s good…). He had put himself on vacation (which I admire), so he didn’t take anymore clients while he worked on his backlog, which now unfortunately includes me!

So, now, you will wait with bated breath with me.

Until I receive this cover,

The Write Way Faye

{The Thursday Thought} The Biz Side of Writing

Many people think that artistic people aren’t really great at the business side of their lives and I can’t tell I lie. I can be fastidious, but I can also be haphazard. Depends on the day and the circumstances, which page I’m on.

This sucks for being a business minded writer in this day and age. Tax time is coming and I published a book I worked really hard on last year as well as completed another one that has yet to be published. What am I supposed to do about filing?

I have two business names trademarked and an LLC in my name, so I must have had some fastidious days! But alas, in talking to a friend at work today, it seems I left some things out in my process. I still need to actually create a business plan! To write books??? That’s the only plan I have!

Well, I actually have more than one business and unfortunately, I have to create a business plan for them both. And I also have to create the articles of incorporation for my LLC…

I’m up for it this time around. I need to be on top of my life and aware of what needs to be done on all levels not just the artistic side. I’m just glad I have friends who are a little more business minded than I am.


Dust Jacket/Inside Flap Text {When Inspiration Strikes}

I found myself at an impasse as I built my climactic chapter just now and this is what came to mind to put onto the inside jacket flap of the book or on the back…

Tell me what you think!

Inside Flap/Back of Book:

Told from the perspective of three very different characters, The Wayward Wife is at its essence a tale of friendship, love and betrayal. The socialite wife of a prominent Atlanta area architectural firm owner and an operator of a home for single women with children herself, Janine Dupont seems to have it all, but under the façade of her fancy lifestyle resides a woman who is broken and unable to control her dalliances.

Her husband, Jon Dupont is an extremely successful businessman with his best friend from college, with leadership at his church and two lovely children, but for him – the nagging doubt about what may be revealed about his “other life” and what his wife is up to, plague him.

Robert Matthews has been released from prison on a mission: get Janine back at any cost. Now the owner of Douglas Detective Agency, Jon’s ex-best friend and ex-pro football player is back into the swing of things. As he weaves his way back into all of their lives in the most insidious and unexpected way, what will be the end result?

When these three perspectives collide, who will be left standing?