The Wayward Wife on First Edition with Sean Yoes! {Start Listening at 15:45}


…Da-Da-Da-DAH! The Cover of The Wayward Wife {Fiverr ROCKS!}


Hey Writers and Friends!

First let’s get into this whole Fiverr situation! I am an artist and I am sensitive about my ish – E. Badu/FatBellyBella said it best and it is ever so true in the case of the cover completion! Couple that with a Graphic Designer who is overwhelmed and that adds up to 3 revisions!

Now, I realize that my GD was on the opposite coast early. He seemed to respond when I was about to go to bed! That clued me in to the fact that he also probably did this Fiverr work in his spare time after work. That was all good with me! Just keep that in mind when/if you order from Fiverr – your connection may not even be in America! Pay attention to who you book and where they are!

He was very understanding and assisted me in coming up with the best cover by linking me up to his source for pictures, Dollar Photo Club. It’s an amazing site where I saw some great shots to use for some other books I have in mind so check it out and join!

I am going to show the progression of the cover from his initial submission to the final that I am going to be using.

Take 1


I liked this but wanted a little more of a curvaceous, sexy title font so…

Take 2


This was still not exactly what I was looking for it just seemed to casual of a font to be the title in my opinion so…

Take 3 and the FINAL Cover for The Wayward Wife!


This one I absolutely loved… I just think it says all I want it to and draws the potential readers’ eyes!

Let me know what you think! Ask me any questions you may have about the Fiverr process and let me know your thoughts on the covers. Which one would you have chosen?

Write Life,
The Write Way Faye

{Monday Meditations} The Pitch aka What to Say?!

I’ve been working on a pitch for a session at the Maryland Writers’ Association’s Conference this coming Saturday. Well, I think I have. I’ve written, rewritten and freestyled several to be honest and none have been to my liking. That’s not quite true. I’ve like all of them but none of them truly capture the essence of what my book, The Wayward Wife, is conveying to my audience.

Who’s my audience? Good question. My audience is any woman who has cheated or thought about cheating on her husband or boyfriend and any man who thinks he’s been cheated on. I could even widen that to include the men who pursue married or involved women. I believe all of these people will enjoy the book, because they’re all in it.

The Wayward Wife is a tale told from the main perspective of a woman who cheats on her husband because she’s frustrated in their relationship and she’s pursued by an old flame. Like the picture says, when the arguments seem to disappear, someone is hiding something. Take the hint men out there… Especially if you haven’t changed. It also gives insight to the husband and the other man’s perspective of the events with alternating chapters.

My issue is that the book contains biblical and clinical analyses of the relationship and main character and I don’t know for sure how to shop it because of that. It’s sexy as all get out too! Yes, Christians have sex, people. Usually with their husbands or significant others exclusively, but in this case… LMBO she’s not following the rules, hence the title!

I think it’s a little too sexy to be marketed as Christian Fiction, so I’m going to stick with Women’s Fiction, for now. This still leaves the question of what to say to Ms. Sinsheimer on Satuday! (What an alliteration!) #writershumor

I know she likes for the pitch to unfold conversationally. This gives me hope. I mean, I can talk about my main character and her multi-layered issues all day. I just want to make sure the basic plot and storyline are clear when I do.

Happy writing!