The Wayward Wife is Available on Amazon!

The Wayward Wife

About a week ago, I released The Wayward Wife on, (click the picture/link to purchase & read reviews) using their free publishing programs CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing as the distributers under my own publishing company, The Write Way Publishing.

It was was an exhilarating experience to see my vision come to live so explicitly and clear!

After the high wore off, what occurred to me is that although I have been very thorough in my writing the book and setting up The Write Way Publishing, I have left the setting up of my marketing campaign to wither! This is the only way my book can get into your hands writers! So, I am going to take the time to actually sit down and write out what the plan is as well as calendar when I will promote.

I know you’re probably wondering why this wasn’t done before I released the book. So did I after it was done! I self-published because the publishing industry’s standardized book categories didn’t fit. My book has a heavy Christian influence, but The Wayward Wife (click for excerpt) also has explicit sex, a little violence, themes of molestation and its effects on the psyches of women and to top it all off – it’s written in a women’s fiction literary style.

There is no category for that.

So, I decide to publish on my own. I did a lot of research and leg work, but didn’t do the work I now know I have to do if I want to reach my target audience – market and promote.

Learn from my mistake! Plan ALL of the work, THEN work the plan. Now, I am going to have to do some backwards planning, but I know now and my NEXT book, As Luck Would Have It, will be planned executed appropriately.

Write on Writers!

The Write Way Faye 💋


Copyrights and Barcodes {It’s a Business Man, but Am I?}

Hey writers!

I am filling out copyright information and investigating the ISBN and barcode shakedown. And, I do mean shake down!

I mean, it’s $125 for one ISBN and $295 for 10! C’mon man. That’s unfair in terms of a self-publisher who only has need for 3-5 ISBNs. Then you find out that the barcodes are $25 a piece. Really? They don’t come with the daggone barcode? Of course you have to buy them separately. Why would they give them to you with the astronomically priced ISBNs when they know you have to buy them in order to be in the Barnes & Noble?

It all had me briefly wondering if it would be easier to go with someone half-cocked publishing company who purchases them by the thousands for a penny a piece and would bundle it all up for me and tie it with a pretty pink bow.

I like pink.

I like bows.

I like uncomplicated and inexpensive too.

What do you like?

How are you getting your work out there? Are you going with the CreateSpace option and opting in for them to do all of this heavy lifting for you? Smashwords style? (Been there, done that…) What about self-publishing and handing the hard labor (aka the business side of it all) to small imprint?

I would really like to know what you are doing or thinking of doing or even just what would you like?

Write more,
The Write Way Faye

Writing for My Life

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to post…

It’s just that… My daughter graduated from HS!!


My son moved on from kindergarten and is attending a private school for the 1st grade!


I was set free from my Candyland job or rather, I Django’d my way up out that camp!

I’m working summer school… Getting that good good summer money –


I am at 50K plus words on my novel!

I have less than 10K words and 6 chapters left to my book The Wayward Wife!

I am hoping to get it done before my birthday in August!



~The Write Way Faye

The Monday Minute {Life in Critique}

This weekend I attended another CCW {Charm City Writers} critique meeting and to my abject horror – I submitted part of a chapter from As Luck Would Have It © that had not even been edited! OH THE HORROR! The formatting was off completely and the entire chapter was mostly dialogue!

Well. At least they loved the dialog! LOL!

I need to add more narrative and insight into the main character’s voice in this chapter so I am going to work on that ASAP.

In other news, one of my cohort was picked up by an agent! She sent out the rest of her book last week and is on needles and pins waiting to hear back from her new agent…

I thought that was a reason for celebration, but she was more afraid than anything else, poor girl! I understand, but I know that if God is going to take me to a place, He is going to see me through to the completion of the goal!

I realized this week in the meeting that I am in great company with the writers we have assembled in our group; one writes memoirs – Barbara, one writes paranormal – Roslyn, one writes dystopian – Andy, another writes teen – Val, another writes straight fiction – Faith, and I write women’s fiction, and three of the six have been published by a major house or is on their way to being so!

I say the odds are in my favor!

I have to get to my revising and redrafting so…

Talk to you soon!

To Nook or Not to Nook ‘Tis the Question

I am seriously considering electronically publishing some of my books under a pseudonym… I want to get these books out of me but to be honest when I publish more scholarly type works I am unsure if I want to my actual name to be associated with what I am going to put out! I got some stuff going on in these books I don’t know if my church family will understand! (SMH!)

I don’t know, it seems a little two-faced to me too (lol), but I feel like Jay in one respect – I want to give the people what they want (and get paid), but I also what to be like Talib and give them what they need and fulfill my artistic, uplifting writer’s spirit.

I am unsure if the market could bear me doing both under the same name….

Or maybe I can and just merge the needs with the wants of the market and give them something both uplifting, scholarly and urban…

Decisions… Decisions…

Either way, I want to E-publish and am thinking that perhaps it is the way to go in order to get direct profits.

Research is in order