The Wayward Wife is Available on Amazon!

The Wayward Wife

About a week ago, I released The Wayward Wife on, (click the picture/link to purchase & read reviews) using their free publishing programs CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing as the distributers under my own publishing company, The Write Way Publishing.

It was was an exhilarating experience to see my vision come to live so explicitly and clear!

After the high wore off, what occurred to me is that although I have been very thorough in my writing the book and setting up The Write Way Publishing, I have left the setting up of my marketing campaign to wither! This is the only way my book can get into your hands writers! So, I am going to take the time to actually sit down and write out what the plan is as well as calendar when I will promote.

I know you’re probably wondering why this wasn’t done before I released the book. So did I after it was done! I self-published because the publishing industry’s standardized book categories didn’t fit. My book has a heavy Christian influence, but The Wayward Wife (click for excerpt) also has explicit sex, a little violence, themes of molestation and its effects on the psyches of women and to top it all off – it’s written in a women’s fiction literary style.

There is no category for that.

So, I decide to publish on my own. I did a lot of research and leg work, but didn’t do the work I now know I have to do if I want to reach my target audience – market and promote.

Learn from my mistake! Plan ALL of the work, THEN work the plan. Now, I am going to have to do some backwards planning, but I know now and my NEXT book, As Luck Would Have It, will be planned executed appropriately.

Write on Writers!

The Write Way Faye 💋


The Write Way Publishing House {I’m a Business, Man}

Okay so last we talked about book business, it was established that it can be dicey and that the rules were set up to make it difficult to self-publish. Or… at least that what I set out to establish in my post {It’s a Business, Man, but am I?} 

Any who, it seems like I just may be! I may as well put this Business Degree to use, right? Yes, I have a Business Management BA with a minor in Communications from Notre Dame University. Being employed as a teacher since I received, it I can’t say I have used it much, but I have decided that it is time to put all of my skills to use!

My publishing house, The Write Way, was registered under my LLC a couple of years ago, but I was too busy doing other things (mainly… WRITING A BOOK OR TWO) to really be bothered with the research it would take to get it established as a the publishing house I would call home to my books, nor was I interested so much in that. I thought I would do editing and consulting initially while I wrote novels. I also wanted to pursue the elusive dream of being published by a BIG 6 publishing house, so I sat my dream on the shelf. Little did I know, it wasn’t sitting still.

I sat my desk writing recently and looked up at my vision board. It was glaring at me. WEALTH, The Write Way. In the upper left hand corner of the board; those words were glued to a picture of a stack of books and a picture of what I considered to be myself on a plane looking very professional. It hit me. This is what I want. It’s not like I didn’t create the board to begin with, but to really see what was right in front of me the whole time – was staggering. The thing is, those words meant different things initially. The books had always been there, but the way of achieving the dreams the board showed were manifesting in another way entirely. Look at God! Write the vision, make it plain.

I am now a registered independent publisher registered with the Library of Congress.

The Write Way Publishing House


Write on,
Tanefa Wallace
The Write Way

…Da-Da-Da-DAH! The Cover of The Wayward Wife {Fiverr ROCKS!}


Hey Writers and Friends!

First let’s get into this whole Fiverr situation! I am an artist and I am sensitive about my ish – E. Badu/FatBellyBella said it best and it is ever so true in the case of the cover completion! Couple that with a Graphic Designer who is overwhelmed and that adds up to 3 revisions!

Now, I realize that my GD was on the opposite coast early. He seemed to respond when I was about to go to bed! That clued me in to the fact that he also probably did this Fiverr work in his spare time after work. That was all good with me! Just keep that in mind when/if you order from Fiverr – your connection may not even be in America! Pay attention to who you book and where they are!

He was very understanding and assisted me in coming up with the best cover by linking me up to his source for pictures, Dollar Photo Club. It’s an amazing site where I saw some great shots to use for some other books I have in mind so check it out and join!

I am going to show the progression of the cover from his initial submission to the final that I am going to be using.

Take 1


I liked this but wanted a little more of a curvaceous, sexy title font so…

Take 2


This was still not exactly what I was looking for it just seemed to casual of a font to be the title in my opinion so…

Take 3 and the FINAL Cover for The Wayward Wife!


This one I absolutely loved… I just think it says all I want it to and draws the potential readers’ eyes!

Let me know what you think! Ask me any questions you may have about the Fiverr process and let me know your thoughts on the covers. Which one would you have chosen?

Write Life,
The Write Way Faye

Writing for My Life

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to post…

It’s just that… My daughter graduated from HS!!


My son moved on from kindergarten and is attending a private school for the 1st grade!


I was set free from my Candyland job or rather, I Django’d my way up out that camp!

I’m working summer school… Getting that good good summer money –


I am at 50K plus words on my novel!

I have less than 10K words and 6 chapters left to my book The Wayward Wife!

I am hoping to get it done before my birthday in August!



~The Write Way Faye

The Wednesday Word {Late, but Useful to Explaining My Struggle}

The word for this week’s Wednesday Word is frustrate! It’s what’s happening to my daughter’s plans for college and it also how I feel right now!

Prevent (a plan or attempted action) from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled: “his attempt to frustrate the merger”.
Prevent (someone) from doing or achieving something.
foil – defeat – thwart – disappoint – baffle

The evil college admissions officer frustrated our plans of attending the school with their lack of compassion for the situation we were faced with financially.

My frustration is linked to the behavior of adults more so than the behavior of children.

See! It can be used in soooo many ways!


The Monday Minute {Life in Critique}

This weekend I attended another CCW {Charm City Writers} critique meeting and to my abject horror – I submitted part of a chapter from As Luck Would Have It © that had not even been edited! OH THE HORROR! The formatting was off completely and the entire chapter was mostly dialogue!

Well. At least they loved the dialog! LOL!

I need to add more narrative and insight into the main character’s voice in this chapter so I am going to work on that ASAP.

In other news, one of my cohort was picked up by an agent! She sent out the rest of her book last week and is on needles and pins waiting to hear back from her new agent…

I thought that was a reason for celebration, but she was more afraid than anything else, poor girl! I understand, but I know that if God is going to take me to a place, He is going to see me through to the completion of the goal!

I realized this week in the meeting that I am in great company with the writers we have assembled in our group; one writes memoirs – Barbara, one writes paranormal – Roslyn, one writes dystopian – Andy, another writes teen – Val, another writes straight fiction – Faith, and I write women’s fiction, and three of the six have been published by a major house or is on their way to being so!

I say the odds are in my favor!

I have to get to my revising and redrafting so…

Talk to you soon!

The Monday Minute {The Missing Wednesday Word}

Last week I got in so late from bible study, the bed was all that was on my mind when I arrived home and the day at work was too busy to post! So, here we are, on a Monday, posting The Wednesday Word in lieu of The Monday Minute.

I didn’t make it to the last CCW meeting, and although my work did 😉so I cannot say there is anything new to report on the dynamics of writers’ groups and critiques – except to say, it’s great when more than the group coordinator reach out and comment personally on your work!

Today’s word is:

Not yielding in strength, severity, or determination: “the heat was unrelenting”.
(of a person or their behavior) Not giving way to kindness or compassion.
inexorable – relentless – merciless – implacable

I love that this word can be used to describe so many different parts of your writing! It can be a character trait or it can be a description of the weather which affects the setting and mood!

Use it! Go forth unrelentingly and put this word to good use!

The Write Way Faye