The Monday Minute {Life in Critique}

Last week, I attended my Charm City Writers critique group and learned a few things about writers, writing and how solitary this life can be for a writer writing a manuscript.

We had a guest with us who wanted to be part of the group, but had never shared her work with anyone.

I mean anyone. Not even her husband; her mother hadn’t had a peek.

My perspective as a writer is the opposite, but I may be weird in the way that I want feedback; I want to know that someone else sees what I see and feels what I feel when they do.

But enough about me being an exhibitionist or feeling like one after all of the other writers chimed in with similar stories, what I really learned was that many people feel as if they don’t want other people to judge their work and in doing so judge them.

I also re-learned what I already know.

You have to write to be a writer.


Without fail.

Write something.

Even if you keep it to yourself.

#WriteTheRightWay – Daily!


The Wednesday Word {Late, but Useful to Explaining My Struggle}

The word for this week’s Wednesday Word is frustrate! It’s what’s happening to my daughter’s plans for college and it also how I feel right now!

Prevent (a plan or attempted action) from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled: “his attempt to frustrate the merger”.
Prevent (someone) from doing or achieving something.
foil – defeat – thwart – disappoint – baffle

The evil college admissions officer frustrated our plans of attending the school with their lack of compassion for the situation we were faced with financially.

My frustration is linked to the behavior of adults more so than the behavior of children.

See! It can be used in soooo many ways!


The Wednesday Word {Every other Week Edition}

I figure you guys have gotten the hint about diction so I am going to slow down the posts to every other week so I don’t bore you! 

I am also going to start posting parts of my novels to fill the void of longing and pining you have for my words when I am away! 

Without further ado…

The Wednesday Word for this week!


noun \ˈnā-ˌdir, ˈnā-dər\

1: the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite the zenith and vertically downward from the observer

2: the lowest point

For my purposes here and for yours as well, unless you are a celestial observer, I am using the second definition – The lowest point.

Usage examples:

We reached a nadir when we resorted to throwing jabs at one another.

The man’s luck reached a nadir when he discovered he not only lost his wallet, but his phone and his favorite pen all in one day.

The Monday Minute {The Missing Wednesday Word}

Last week I got in so late from bible study, the bed was all that was on my mind when I arrived home and the day at work was too busy to post! So, here we are, on a Monday, posting The Wednesday Word in lieu of The Monday Minute.

I didn’t make it to the last CCW meeting, and although my work did 😉so I cannot say there is anything new to report on the dynamics of writers’ groups and critiques – except to say, it’s great when more than the group coordinator reach out and comment personally on your work!

Today’s word is:

Not yielding in strength, severity, or determination: “the heat was unrelenting”.
(of a person or their behavior) Not giving way to kindness or compassion.
inexorable – relentless – merciless – implacable

I love that this word can be used to describe so many different parts of your writing! It can be a character trait or it can be a description of the weather which affects the setting and mood!

Use it! Go forth unrelentingly and put this word to good use!

The Write Way Faye

The Wednesday Word


I am in total love with this word. Shiny and bright, lively and clever! This is a word that can be used to describe people, places, things and situations! 

I am going to use it to describe a scene in my Valentine’s gift!

The Write Way Faye.




Wednesday Word – Diction in Action

Words matter. The words your characters say, dictate the tone and mood of your story adding layers and subtle nuances to it.

Don’t let diction die the death of this shorthand world.

Everything gets shortened now, from the url I’m writing this post on, to the “LOL” we see daily on our social media websites. Long gone are the days when people wrote letters or even emails that contain the breadth and width of all the English language can offer us. I have a book of love letters from African American couples dating back to the 18th century and the language they used was poetic!

One of my friends said that she introduces a new word to her daughter a week and makes her understand it thoroughly and use it well before they move on to another.

We are going to do that here… Now, it may seem trite or even juvenile to some of you, but I say even if you know this word:

Have you used it lately?

Do you know how the subtlety of its use can impact your writing or even your speech?

Well, here goes everything:

The word for today is – interminable.

It means, being or seeming to be without end; endless.

I read this word in A Love No Less: Two Centuries of African American Love Letters. Can you imagine how its use added to the tone and texture of the reading?!

I want you to suggest any other words you think may elevate our writing, our speech, or dare I say, our mental capabilities.

Every Wednesday I’ll post another and perhaps I’ll use your suggestions!